1. Steps to make Bandhani
Bandhani work is a tie and dye technique which involves tying and colouring of small parts of fabrics like silk or cotton. 

2. The process
Bandhani includes making images by tying strings firmly from some chosen part of fabric so that the prints could be made from a couple to a few hundreds or even thousands images, before dipping the fabric in a shade of colour.

3. The transition
In the ancient era, the trees and leaves extracts were used for colouring the fabric. Of late, chemical dyes have replaced those extracts and are now used in making the prints. The images on Bandhani print are made by tying strings from a part of a fabric. The entire fabric gets coloured except the tied part which makes it for a
beautiful design.

4. Bandhani - Where it came from?
The tie and colour fabrics of Bandhani are particularly found in Gujarat and Kutch. On the other hand, Rajasthan boasts of the finest craftsmenship of Bandhani prints.

5. Popularity of Bandhani
The popularity of Bandhani is not just confined within India but has expanded all over the globe in the recent past. The popularity especially soars during the festive and wedding season. The Bandhani print is embellished with mirror work or gota work to give it a majestic look.

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